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Child Protection


Getting it Right for Every Child

‘The Executive’s vision for Scotland’s children is a Scotland in which every child matters, where every child regardless of his or her family background, has the best possible start in life. Every adult in Scotland has a role in ensuring all our children live safely and can reach their full potential. Parents, whether living with the child or not, have the most important role to play and other family members will contribute greatly to a child’s wellbeing.’

Scottish Executive



Legal Issues

  • Child abuse is a criminal offence which can involve prosecution in the Criminal Courts
  • Child abuse is the concern of the Child Protection system
  • In the absence of criminal prosecution or conviction, the Children’s Hearing system can act to protect a child in Carnegie Primary School, we follow Fife Council’s Guidelines on Child Protection


Roles within Cairneyhill Primary School:

  • Child Protection Co-ordinator – Fiona Hall (HT)
  • Depute Child Protection Co-ordinators –Georgette Price (DHT)

You may have a concern because of:

  • a specific incident, something you see or hear or hear about
  • a disclosure made by a child or young person or parent/carer
  • information from a third party
  • adult behaviour/circumstances that may place the child or young person at risk of harm
  • child/young person behaviour/circumstances that may place the child or young person at risk of harm
  • a culmination of minor concerns over a period of time.


If you have any concerns relating to child protection you should do one of the following:


  • Contact the school and in the first instance ask to speak to the Child Protection Co-ordinator. If she is not available you should ask to speak to the Depute Child Protection Coordinator
  • Contact the Social Work Contact Centre on 03451 551503
  • Call 999 if you feel that the child is in immediate risk


Signs of abuse include:

  • Physical injury
  • Physical neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Non-organic failure to thrive


More information on Child Protection:





Further Support: 

Fife Women’s Aid 

Fife Gingerbread (Support for Lone Parents)


One Stop Shop

Support for Men Suffering from Abuse